Twan Zijlstra

..graduated in product design and active as a photographer and graphic designer. Meanwhile, I have gained my Master-degree in Comparative Arts and Media Studies at the VU University Amsterdam over the past two years, while working as a volunteer with children, the elderly and other fascinating locals in my neighborhood.

My creativity

I’m not a big fan of labeling one’s creative capabilities. Personally, I consider versatility to be my greatest strenght. In recent years, I have gained experience with spatial and graphic design, 3D CAD and Adobe software, web design, photography and conceptual thinking. Ultimately, I see myself as someone who creates.

My work

I draw my inspiration from the news, media, culture, history and traveling to unusual destinations. This results in creations across various media, but the image is central to everything I do. On, everything comes together. Here, I collect my work, thoughts and inspiration, and present myself as the versatile creative I want to be.