Flexkin for iPhone

This iPhone4 case was inspired by Sony’s classic handycam-design. The multifunctional case offers a handle for more stability and ease of use when taking photos and videos. In addition, the fold-out arm can be used as an adjustable stand in both horizontal and vertical positions, which makes the viewing of videos and video calls more comfortable.

The flexkin essentially consists of 3 plastic parts and a double-axis hinge which allows for optimal flexibility in use. The fold-out arm can be easily detatched to leave the iPhone with a regular casing and acces to the charge port. When attatched and folded to the backside, the handle takes up so little spaces that it will hardly be noticed.

The cutout for the audio-jack port on the left side of the hinge, which defines the handle design, serves simultaneously as an ergronomically shaped surface for the right-hand thumb when the unfolded handle is held, allowing for a firm grip of the otherwise thin handle.

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